Enigma Expanse - C4 Red giant - C3/C5 WH Corp

Enigma Expanse is recruiting Pvper’s and General wormholers

We are decently sized and growing at a pace, Our corp is focused into Pvp/Pve and we live out of a c4 with c5 and a c3 static, we have people around all time zones to work around with!

Our corp recruits all sorts of people to wormhole space, from day one newbros to experienced nullsec veterans, We are very relaxed and have a positive culture, We support and encourage eachother in whatever endeavor we discover, We have people of all ages but we still aim for maturity.

What we bring to the table

– Regular PvP fleets, rage rolling and Ratting fleets.

– We utilize both the C3 and C5 statics , with c5 and c3 ratting fleets and support.

– We have PI available in hole, access to anyone to set up

– WH Buyback program, totally optional, 90% jita on blue loot and gas/ore.

– Own own market, although small, containing all necessities.

– Manufacturing, Refining stations and moon mining.

–Equipped to defend our members! Fly Safe!

– Small tightly knit corporation, where you know everyone’s name.

What we Expect

– Willing to invest in a Rolling Battleship, Heavy Defense, Cov-ops and misc. support ships.

– Willingness to eventually train into multiple diverse doctrines and PvP generally.

– Scanning Alt - can be alpha, but being able to scout is important.

– Willingness to use comms when your in the WH, and be smart, use scouts, etc.

– Willingness to learn AND to teach.

For application: https://forms.gle/oYmHVbM6Q2gQSidd9

For any other questions or application inquiry, dm genji5287 on discord. o7 we’ll see you with us.

Still Looking for you pilot!

We need to make some propaganda posters next:) with eon straddling a bomb flying toward a black hole

Dm genji5287 to apply!

So I accidentally got my machariel stuck in a WH… Enigma Expanse rescued me, taught me how to roll holes and boosh, gave me station access and sent me back to my people. 10/10 would get lost in a WH again.

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