1400mm Diplomacy is recruiting( NS / WH content)

1400mm Diplomacy is PvP oriented corporation.
We operate in wormhole and 00 space, focus on various styles of combat.

What do we expect from you:
-At least 15M skill points (exceptions for newbros who are willing to learn and improve)
-Active killboard
-Working mic, discord & teamspeak3 programs downloaded.
-Having doctrine ships redy 24/7
-Dictor / scanning ALT (not mandatory but big bonus)

What we offer:
-Highly Lazy players
-Afk playing
-Haphazard PVP
-Crap fit ships
-Terrible Corp wallet
-FC yelling at you

For any questions join in game channel Volley.
Or send eve mail to HW9TY or Inaya Acami.