[1420.] Signal Cartel: Peaceful Explorers

Signal Cartel [1420.] was designed from the ground up for peaceful explorers. Dedicated to the highest ideals of exploration, our corp culture is one of wanderlust, camaraderie, helpfulness, respectful behavior, and peaceful intent. We seek to provide our members with a friendly, nurturing home that includes great benefits and opportunities for learning, fun, and profit. Co-led by Mynxee and Johnny Splunk, Signal Cartel is part of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance (along with our sister corp, EvE-Scout). Thera is our HQ and the home of our hearts, although most of us don’t live there.

Corp Credo

Our most important defining characteristic is our Credo, which is the foundation for our culture and which all members are required to adhere to:

Signal Cartel is a service corporation to all of New Eden. In this role, members are encouraged to treat all players with respect regardless of affiliation. In challenging situations, our goal is to look for a graceful resolution and set an example of dignity and friendship through our actions.

We embrace the attitude of a true explorer: we are friendly to others in our travels, neutral and never initiating aggression, and endeavoring at all times be perceived by the New Eden community as a non-threat. Although we never intentionally seek to harm, we may defend our friends and our ships. In suffering losses, we respond with good cheer and shed no tears. In this way, we aim to be recognized and respected by all across the cluster and left in peace to do our work.

Among our own ranks and with others, we are patient and generous with knowledge, ideas, and experiences. We foster a mentoring culture by answering questions, freely sharing experiences and learning resources, and when possible offering rookies one-on-one tutoring.

Specifically prohibited with your in-alliance character: Piracy, baiting, or scamming; initiating aggression on other players’ ships, pods, or deployed structures; sovereignty interference; participating in NPSI fleets; aggressive actions in support of PvP fleets including boosts, cynos, bumping, or target intel; use of mobile siphons; corp or other theft; placing bounties. Note: Ships, wrecks and drones abandoned in space are considered salvage and may be harvested. Abandoned ships may not be destroyed.

Corp Life

Our focus is exploration-related activities (although many members supplement that with industry, trade, missions, or other Credo-compliant ISK-making activities). We are often war-decced, but that doesn’t affect explorers much since we typically roam far from where war deccers are. Our corp activities are Alpha-friendly and Alpha-inclusive to the extent possible.

Our members range from highly social fleet fanatics to solo wanderers. Average player age is 35-40; most have families and busy lives. We don’t have day-to-day activity requirements, but do expect our members to log in their Signal Cartel characters regularly and play to avoid being kicked for inactivity. Comms and presence on Discord is optional (FCs may require ability to listen and/or speak on comms); registration in our auth system/forums is required; posting is highly encouraged.

Leadership encourages our members to pursue service-oriented initiatives to benefit the alliance or community as a whole, as long as those initiatives align with the spirit and intent of our Credo. Nothing is more important in Signal Cartel than our Credo; violators are subject to immediate dismissal.

Benefits to Members

  • Engaged and responsive leadership team
  • Active members across all timezones
  • Friendly mentoring, lots of in-house expertise
  • Free Alpha-friendly fitted T1 exploration ships
  • Regular fleets and events (some scheduled, many impromptu)
  • Many corp programs and services offer lots to do
  • Alliance comms, forums, and Discord
  • Family-friendly topic/language policy in all channels and comms

How to Join

We do not use in-game applications; instead, you must complete and submit an application on our Web site. Learn more about corp life and joining here. Visit the Signal Cartel group blog and site for more.

Ask Exploration Questions and Chat in Our In-Game Channel EvE-Scout

Our public channel is a great place to ask questions about the corp, exploration, and more. Lots of Signal Cartel members (including our Recruiters) and many others hang out there and everyone is helpful and generous with their expertise.


I’m Not Lost, I’m Exploring!


Every once in a while, you go looking for something and what you find ends up exceeding all your expectations. Signal Cartel and the EvE-Scout Enclace alliance are perfect examples.

Bored with the traditional grind of other MMOs, I was looking for an active universe, meaningful “crafting”, game play choices that mattered, and a sci-fi setting, if possible. EVE Online has delivered on all those things.

What I wasn’t expecting to find was a community with which to enjoy it all. After my first month in Signal Cartel, I was blown away by the helpfulness and friendliness of everyone. After my first year in Signal Cartel, I consider myself most fortunate among men for having stumbled upon such a great group of friends.

If you’re looking for a home in New Eden, you will not go far wrong by joining the ranks of Signal Cartel. If you decide to sign on, tell 'em Thrice sent ya, and then come find me so we can go sow some rescue caches together! :slight_smile:


Signal Cartel, oh where to start.
I joined almost a year and a half ago, but that was after a few months. I joined Eve, flew with some friends, fell in love with the Astero, and took up the call to be an explorer. A few weeks/months of playing WH cat and mouse (and being bait) got a little tiring, and I took the chance, to jump into the Signal Cartel crew.

Its been the best thing, working as a recruiter, and having my life to deal with, all tends to balance as well as I can.

The best thing? There is so much to do. Sleeper Eradication, which is just fun, then the feeling of helping sow caches and tend them, for lost pilots, and helping rescue ones you can, to get them home again.

Sure, Eve is everyone versus everyone, and someone needs to play the mouse, and that’s what a good explorer does. Signal Cartel helps you fit into that mold where you are helpful, but you’re also playing the game, but you’re playing YOUR game. Sometimes it interacts with everyone, but we are able to cut a different view and path through what it means to be a capsuleer.

It rocks.


I’m still an SC newb, and I have no official role in this amazing corp other than signal booster, but keep an eye out for recruitment posters popping up from time to time!


I’ve tried Eve a few times over the years, first creating an account in 2005. I never got past a month or so and probably wouldn’t have this time around if I hadn’t found Signal Cartel. I’ve never met a friendlier or more welcoming group in the game.

Becoming a Signal Cartel explorer enables you to see the whole of New Eden, with no portion of space off limits and an exciting variety of programs to get involved with from Thera scanning and Rescue Caches to Sleeper destruction and New Eden TripTiks. Not to mention the more traditional exploration activities of hacking sites, jumping in wormholes and huffing gas.

Join us and join one of the few corps people are actually glad to see show up unexpected.


One of our programs involves rescuing pilots who get stranded in wormholes. Sometimes they are able to use the rescue caches that we sow throughout wormhole space which contain a launcher and probes; other times, like this one, the rescue is more involved!

Our EvE-Scout Rescue program is a great way for even Alpha players to begin contributing in important ways and be part of something bigger in New Eden.


We now have a shiny new Signal Cartel site and group blog. Check it out to learn more about what we do and who we are!!


Bumping this up, give us a look if you’re into peaceful exploration and if the kinds of things we do like rescue pilots who are stranded in wormholes sounds interesting.

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We are always recruiting peaceful explorers, especially those with aspirations of helping others via our EvE-Scout Rescue program…check us out!

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You guys deserve a bump


Spent a weekend with this crowd and, even in that limited time, learned a lot from SC.

Sadly, exploration wasn’t to be my passion and so I left the group to return to the things I had been doing prior, such as trading, industry and mining.

But they are indeed a great bunch of people and the amount of info and guidance and support they provide is incredible. If exploration is your thing, check 'em out for sure.

Meanwhile, my quest continues for a like-minded industry corp with a similar counter-culture, humanitarian vibe to that of SC.

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Check out ESOCI!

Thanks for the kind words…it was good to get to know you if only briefly.

I agree with Thrice Hapus, ESOCI might suit you and they are recruiting!

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Hi there, I wonder if you can help me.
I did a really stupid thing…I prepared a ship to go into a WH and wait for my citadel to anchor.
My wife called me to take her to work so I logged off in my Hi-sec station.
When I returned I took the wrong ship (i.e. the one without all the probes in cargo) and entered the WH.
I didn’t bother to BM the hole, as I was going to stay until the citadel was anchored.
Then I checked over my ship…no probes.
I have the J number for the hole
I don’t need a rescue as I have already self destructed. (Didn’t know about your service)
Is there a way of getting me an entrance to the WH?

We don’t help folks find wormholes anymore because it became apparent that there was too much potential for it to conflict with our Credo’s neutrality and “do no harm” intent. Try Wingspan, they offer a legit wormhole finding service.

Just giving this a friendly bump. :slight_smile: