Looking to join a humanitarian corp - any recommendations?

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Hey all,

I’m a relatively new EVE player. Have been playing seriously for about a month now, totally solo, just building up ISK and stats through mining.

I’m thinking now about joining a corp. Having researched it a little, I would like to join a humanitarian corp if possible, one which sought to do good in New Eden. Something like Signal Cartel, only for mining. PvP does not appeal to me at all right now.

Would anyone have any recommendations?


(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #2

Eve-scout maybe? They go helping people get out of WH’s when they get trapped

(Black Pedro) #3

Eve-scout is Signal Cartel as I understand.

OP, while such a thing may exist, a pure industrial corp I imagine keeps a low profile to prevent opportunists and pirates from messing with them. Perhaps you have even received a private message already.

I would say your best bet is to try a similar post in the recruitment forum and see who bites:

Beware though: there are plenty of bad corps or even exploitive corps that will try to recruit you as another warm body to use to their own ends. Pay attention to those with high tax rates and exploitive ore buy-back programs. While a corp should provide a social environment, it also should benefit you with access to structures, group ops, and maybe ships or a ship replacement program. If not, you probably are better off just staying solo and finding some like-minded people to hang out with on various chat channels.

You could also apply and join Eve Uni. I wouldn’t say they are purely “humanitarian” and definitely do their fair share of PvP and have teeth, but they strive to be complete neutral and have a mission to teach new players. They also have a whole mining campus and you aren’t forced to join any of their PvP operations, but you always could just to dip your toe into fleet PvP and see what you think.

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Funny, the number of times I’ve referenced them and yet it didn’t occur to me to mention! I think I need more coffee…

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Thanks, Pedro - some really helpful pointers there.

I’ll share the post in the recruitment centre and see what comes up.

(Xin Kanenald) #6

On down the line, that might be something I’d like to get involved in for sure. Ideally, I would have liked to have joined/ donated to/ supported the Sisters of EVE and the more I hear, the more it seems like Eve-Scout/ Signal Cartel would be the next best thing.

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

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You never know, I may call on your services some time!

(Tipa Riot) #8

I hope you bring enough masochist attitude to play the prey’s role in EvE.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #9

Prey is still PvP in a sense. If I run through lowsec in a nerues fetching PI as a noob and have WCS fit I can crash multiple gatecamps without being killed. In a sense that’s a PvP win for the hauler as they defeated the attacking sides tactics.

It all just depends on how you define a PvP win I guess.

(Tipa Riot) #10

Yep, this was the message, you can’t opt out of PvP and if you try all you can expierience is the losing side.

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This is only a one man corp, most likely to stay that way, and I’m not even sure it’s still active, but look up

the Devout Order of the Vermillion Exhumers


I really don’t think he is looking for help but he may have somewhere to direct you toward.

Failing that, you could try searching out corp names with the word Christian in them, assuming that is how you bend, or the chat channels for the same.

(Xin Kanenald) #13

In real life, I’m an atheist :slight_smile:

But, hey, in EVE I could be a believer!

(Dornier Pfeil) #14

and I realize now the entire Provi-Bloc is sort of what you are looking for. Many of them even role play it.
Curatores Veritatis Alliance CVA
Yulai Federation
there are several others

eta:this is somewhat out of date but still useful


(Zakarias Dahlen) #15

Eve-Scout is the same as Signal Cartel.

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