15 year player back after long break


Came back to Dissolved Corp

Running level 4 missions in Solitude and Core with Golem/Rattlesnake and Widow
Looking for PvE Corp that stays away from PvP wars
Up for grouping, and would prefer a Corp with ‘no friendly fire’ rules
Happy to join small Corp also
Thanks in advance - in game mail would be great also


Unholy Knights of Cthulhu is a moderately sized PVP corporation looking to expand! We are a corporation within TEST Alliance and call the region of Esoteria home. Here, we can offer you access to a vast amount of PVP content and access to any PVE content you want in null-sec.

What we offer you:

  • Safe Havens for PvE

  • EUTZ and USTZ coverage (corp) and alliance nearly 23/7

  • Working Space Logistics

  • Buy programs of all Kinds Loot, Ore & Salvage!

  • Want to use Titans? Supers? Dreads? Carriers? TEST uses them constantly!

  • Industrial Support, if your into that sorta’ thing.

What we require from you:

  • 5mil SP minimum

  • Willingness to PVP and make ISK

  • Activity in corp and alliance matters

  • Socialize with your fellow space nerds!

  • A working microphone is mandatory

  • FULL ESI keys provided for ALL your accounts and characters via the TEST auth system

If you are interested in joining us, please have a chat with us in our ingame channel, ukoc.pub and join us on our discord server, Unholy Knights Of Cthulhu

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Hey Sheph,

No long windy post here. All will offer a good group of guys and girls, the work and play together. We cover all four factions and WH, do everything and anything, we have access to roam groups and nullsec.

Fun group that will poke fun at you if you do something silly or stupid, but they take it as good as they give it.
Only rule we have is real life and family come first.

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If you’re looking for that small Corp feel that is primarily indy/PVE, we might be a good fit. We are a close knit Corp who likes team up for Corp activities and projects.

We set up in a C2 WH. I know WH can be a turn off but it’s safer than high sec and offers tons of exploration and PVE opportunities. The basics can quickly be picked up and we’ll teach you.

Primarily USTZ. If you’re interested a group of guys in an epic space adventure, hit me up and let’s talk.

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We are a WH based corp with core base from EU.
Feel free to join our discord recruitment channel to have a chat.
Misplaced Elitism

Hello there,

My name is James Vincenta, recruiter for Dnomla Industries. We are a high-sec mining and industrial corporation with a laid-back culture focused on improving our operations for various purposes and having fun!

If interested, you can find our public recruitment channel and our discord server link in our in-game corporate advert. Look forward to seeing you there!

Safe flying!


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