15M Skill Point - Amarr Focus - Recruit

Looking for an Amarr-doctrine corporation. Prefer null sec or high sec war-dec emphasis, weekend or more frequent roams and fleet actions.

Hey! Glad to hear you’re looking for a corporation that focuses on Amarr doctrines.
My corporation, Ignis Deorum, is currently looking for new members. Now, just some things to mention. At the moment, we aren’t very active, though we plan to be active often after we finish a few weeks of skill training. Most of us are EVE players with less than 3 months experience. We’re just training skills so we can actually pilot our ships with any sort of efficiency, and for the time being are Alphas, although we are considering upgrading to Omega sometime this year. We mainly do Factional Warfare, so I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for. Still, figured I’d just put it out there that we’re recruiting. Not often do I find someone who focuses on Amarr Doctrines in this forum.

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Hey, might wanna check us out https://forums.eveonline.com/t/reunincapacitated-industries-wormhole-pvp-industry-and-more/

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