16 m Rorqual + Mining barge Toon only 10B

16M SP.

  • Docked in NPC Amarr
  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive wallet
  • NPC corp. just hasn’t been updated

Can Fly Rorqual

  • Level 5 Mining Barge Level 5 Exhumers

Offer an easy 10bil Flat

Skills to Confirm

5b bid

5.5b offer

Bump bump


Paying the transfer fee, $30 AUD, reason for price increase. id be at a loss, i hope that understandable

so is this sold or whats the current bid?

Not sold yet.
Offer is 10B flat

the current bid is 7.5B.

what is B/O of character? Or when will bidding end?

10B. flat and she’s yours. bidding will end when an agreeable amount is meet.
bidding is still currently open

Pretty sure transfers are in uSD which is $20

How many Plex do i need to sell to get the 10B ?

$20 USD = $28.79 AUD

2500 PLEX ish

Would amount to 10B on current market

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Does it already have a exhumer on the account fitted?

Yes it does

Ill do it for 8 because of it but need to know asap

9B and she’s yours, once you sent isk i’ll start the transfer

Please tell me what all ships and fitting is on the Exhumer

This toon was pure mining alrt and nothing else ship wise in assets . only has one fitted Exhumer can be fitted for t2 ice and t2 ore , she can fly a rorqual , skills are listed above for a full summary.

She in flying a Machinaw,