17.8m sp - munninn, eagle & ferox pilot

Decent sub pilot who can fly the common doctrines for alliance:
Ferox with t2 guns

Positive isk
npc corp
located in jita

this character will receive isk

1.4m unallocated sp

Starting bid 18b
buyout 25b


14B Bid

Thanks for the offer, I’m looking for a least the starting bid.


Thanks for the bid.

I will lower the buyout to 20b…its clear my 25b buyout is too high :slight_smile:

I am still looking for at least 18b though.

18bil best

I’ll accept the 18b offer, please send isk to this character when you are ready and I’ll start the transfer.

ok please wait

no huge hurry… whenever your done fighting is fine.

isk and account info sent
please transfer this toon to my account

Transfer started you should see it in 12 hours or so. Thanks!


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