17 mil sp Tengu/Gila great missle skills/ LVL4 mission runner


i am in NPC corp
iam in empire space Jita
I receive the isk
245,255 unallocated skill points
Sb5 bil
Buyout 17 bil

13.5b offered.

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13.750b offer

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first 14.5 bil offer takes me

14.5 Bil buyout Isk ready

will begin transfer as soon as isk transfered/

No response yet still available

14.4 buyout isk waiting

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I’m sorry retracted I found another character

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Daily bump

14b offered

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15 b isks ready

15 bil offer accepted awaiting isk and account info

Sending isks from my alt Cornelius Publicola

Confirming i’m His alt

Isks and account name sent

Isk and info recieved,transfer is in progress now, thanks and enjoy

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