WTS Perfect Tengu pilot +40m SP

Like the title states I am a perfect Tengu pilot for sale.


Max missle skills
Max navi skills
max shield skills
Max engineering skills

Buyout is 20B looking for best offers.

Will sell today

I’m online now, buyout 20bil, let me know.


It does not have positive sec status… Otherwise I’d do 21 bil for it…

offer accepted

ok, fix the negative sec status and messege me ingame

20b buyout

Still paying 21 bil. isk ready to transfer…

isk and acc sent. begin character transfer plz

so you have literally just made a donation of 21b isk when no sale was agreed with you, the guy had already accepted a previous offer of 20b? Bit presumptuous maybe

??? He accepted my offer of 21 bil and I sent the isk and acc name as I should. I have no idea what you are talking about

It says quite clearly he was replying to Hardcore Hank.

hahahhaa, you just gave out 21bil free isk!!! CCP will not back you up. obviously the seller accepted the offer before yours but you volunteer to send isk to him. hint, your isk is as good as a donation :slight_smile: good luck trying to get that back…

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