Perfect WH char Sold

NPC Corp
Positive wallet and sec status
Located in Jita
no kill rights
2 remaps

Perfect Tengu pilot, great scanning skills, hacking skills. Also has ice mining skills for a little extra isk on the side.
Great for a c3 farming pilot, or a main to join a small WH corp.

Starting bid: 25b
b/o: 35b

26b offer

28B offer

29B b/o

Please, no direct mail offers. Post offers here, thanks.

Thank you for the offer. I will wait 12 or so hours and if no one beats it by then, i will accept.

32B OK´╝čI am waiting for your reply online

Maybe I can give 31.5b for this char.If we can clinch a deal right now:)

32b accepted. Please send isk and account name

ok,wait for me ten minutes

ISK has been forwarded and sent to the account email

Ok thanks logging in now to do transfer.

Character transfer initiated. Thank you.

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