17 mill SP casual Explorer looking for corp in high+low sec

Hi All.

Been playing EVE on and off since 2004. Currently playing with a reactivated alt, refreshing my skills.

Looking for a friendly corp based somewhere around Tash Murkon. EU TZ.

I know you specified HS/LS, but you should consider WH space too. Contact our recruiters for a chat. If your heart is still set on LS we have contacts there too.

hi @Benyamine_Lith

HS/LS thats where we life

Contact me or join our public channel “AKIMA Pub”



:diamonds: image :diamonds:

:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: http://mercenary.atspace.co.uk/hype/mc-hype.html :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Click on the pictures
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  • Serpentis Loyalists since 2005 | RP lite
  • Nullsec Sovereignty with full infrastructure
  • Wormhole Access with infrastructure
  • Part of https://mercenarycoalition.com
  • PvP, Biochemical Industry, Gas Mining
  • Multinational Corp
  • EU/US Timezone
  • Homepage: http://corelicorp.net/
  • CE Book Page: 40, Corelum Syndicate - check it!
  • Public Channel: Coreli Core


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