[HS] [LS] [NS] Akimamur Industries - Open to JOIN

Hello, Capsuleer!

We are Akimamur Industries - but many other PvE and PvP activities are also on the Menu. We welcome all professions and experience levels :slight_smile:

Our primary area of operations is in Domain HiSec and LoSec. Our alliance offers operations also in nullsec near by.

What we’re most proud of is our willingness to help new pilots develop skills in whichever area of the game they choose - once comfortable with Hi Sec we will introduce you to Low Sec and beyond!

For the experienced pilot, we offer Operations of all kinds and are looking to grow ever better and fiercer in PvP.

Citadels, Mining Boosts, Production and Research Facilities, as well as other minor and major perks await you!

Our main TZ is EU, but Activity varies strangely :wink:
Alliance TZ near 24/7

  1. Subbed Account.
  2. ESI APi for all chars.

Join our public Channel “Akima PuB” or write ingame to “Tetsuya Ogeko”, “Hathorn Amar”, “Jo Phor” or me “Juur Zibaoo”
And fly safe o/


Join “AKIMA Pub” channel

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join now!!

we are open to Join
dont look arround … join us and have some fun and a great place to do your indy
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hey hey hey … join Akima Pub channel and have a chat with us

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online now … join our public channel “AKIMA Pub”

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join our public channel “AKIMA Pub”

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Hi messaged you in game I am interested in joining as have been away 6 long years and forgotten everything! Got a decent ship and set up was even a corp leader at one point.

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cool thing … we talk ingame


hey hey hey … we are again open to join
join AKIMA Pub channel

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