175M SP Pilot - seeking best offer

Character Sheet

  1. Positive Wallet.
  2. No Kill rights.
  3. 4 x Jump Clones in HiSec, 1 in LowSec and 1 in Thera
  4. Character currently located in Piekura [4J from Jita - HiSec]

Bids close on the 28th of June 2020

100 bill

101Bil ISK ready


135b would love to use this toon but it will take me a bit to gather the isk if that is ok with you :slight_smile: by a while i mean maybe 3 weeks max also depends on if i can take out a loan or not with loan potentially shorter

140b… EDIT going offline for now will be back later to maybe renew my post you didnt set time for when it ends just today… so at downtime or?


111 bil

139b :ok_hand:

I honestly wish the seller agrees, so that I can see you following through with that bid.

since im still trying to gather isk but obviously the time it will prolly take me is too long for you offer still stands once i have it in 1-2 weeks 140b. but can we have a end date?

I always follow trough with my offers :upside_down_face:

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Outbidding me for 28Bil. You must really need that character. I hope you win it!

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toon sold?

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