18kk SP returning player looking for corp


I’ve started playing around 2014, then dropped for about six years and now returning to the New Eden. Looking for a corporation that lives in low-sec or own 0’s. Currently, mainly PVE pilot with a tiny exploration experience, but also looking forward some PvP (interested in covert ops ships, may be DPS`ers and ones get into a cap/super-cap).

My char has approx 18kk SP and now can decently fly Tengu, matar assault frigs and bombers, on its way to interceptors. Also, I can do some manufacturing and mining as well. Currently, I don’t have much (successful) PvP experience, although :slight_smile:

What I want to do in future

I am interested in getting more skills and experience with PvP (both small and decently large engagements). Also, I would like to have a place for PvE’ing more ISKs.

If the corporation does some manufacturing that’s also quite interesting.

Even better if there’s a place to grow into capital (carrier/dread, future – supercar) pilot.

What I am not hugely interested in

Anarchy, constant gangs in the home system, ruined diplomacy


Looking forward to hearing your options and flying together.

mail coming your way (ingame) :smiley:

Hi Hasturi

I came back from a 9 year break, yup 9, about 6 months of so ago.
The games changed a lot in some, and not in others. The community is strong as ever which makes this game so great.

When i came back, EDF took me in, helped be get to grips with things again and got me back into PVP and industry… hence why I now recruit for them :slight_smile:

EDF is a null sec corp, member of a sov holding null sec Alliance.
Primarily PVP focused, but we do also mine and build, as well as the usual ratting and exploration for ISK.

We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience to pilots, help them become part of the corp, grow in confidence and get the most out of the game.

RL comes first in EDF, we are a relaxed group. We try and keep all drama to a minimum :crazy_face:

The ships you can currently fly fit nicely into what we use regularly, interceptors would be the first thing we would guide you towards finishing as nullified interceptors and so good and make getting around very easy.

Our long term goals for all members is to get them or their alts into caps so thats another good fit.

Our home base is very easy to make ISK in, no worries there.

We use TS and Discord for all our communications.

UK/EU/US and AUZ time zone players, players from all over the world. Really mixed bunch :sunglasses: :partying_face:

If this sounds interesting to you, drop by the in-game channel “The EDF bar” or look for me in-game.

Welcome back to the game :vulcan_salute:

Come check us out. I think we would fit.

@Hasturi_MadPerseid join BaB pub in game to chat more.

Hello , check us out mate

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