🌱 Krypted Lite - Forging effective PvP pilots

What is Krypted Lite?

Krypted Lite is the sister corporation of Krypted Gaming, a tight-knit group focused on PvP and piracy. In Krypted Lite, you’ll learn everything it takes to be an effective, small gang pilot. On graduation to Krypted Gaming, you’ll begin your path on becoming a veteran pilot with multiple characters.

What should I expect?

For several months, you’ll focus on learning the fundamental skills of microgang and what it takes to live in a wormhole. You’ll spend this time:

  • Performing roles related to force multipliers (booshing, electronic warfare, utility)
  • Scanning wormholes and finding content (combined with exploration ISK making)
  • Building advanced mechanical skills (manual piloting, feathering, etc)

Krypted Gaming is a sink-or-swim organization. You’ll learn by doing, or you won’t. We’re not for everyone, but we’ll do everything in our power to develop talented pilots who want to perform.

Who is it for?

We’re not for everyone, which is why our primary corporation is comparatively small. We’re a group that focuses on quality over quantity, which enables us to fight large groups without having the number advantage. Our successful pilots have the following characteristics:

  • Active daily (most of our players play a couple of hours in the evening)
  • Self-sufficient (indifferent when playing solo, able to learn on your own)
  • Desire to participate in a wide range of PvP content
  • Ability to take blunt, sometimes non-constructive feedback and improve from it
  • Omega status. We’re looking for committed players.

Ephriane Korasai is our model citizen of Krypted Lite. Despite starting with 3M SP, they’ve managed to contribute nearly 3K signatures a month to our Pathfinder, and kill over 10B in their first month of Krypted Gaming. We aspire to enhance pilots like this and do everything in our power to help them achieve early success.

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