💰 Krypted Lite - Casual Nullsec Experience

Krypted Lite is no longer recruiting.

Krypted Lite is for casual players who want to take it easy, make some ISK, and enjoy the good life of nullsec. In Krypted Lite, you’ll be alongside our 0.0 PvP corporation, Krypted Gaming, sucking up space ore and shooting rats.

We recognized that sometimes, players just want a relaxed, casual environment to make some ISK, shoot some ships, and chat with some friends. So that’s what we’ve built! And after you get bored of shooting those pesky Guristas, if you want to blow up some real spaceships, our main corporation is one of the most active in our alliance.

We are a proud member of SLYCE Pirates, the secondary alliance of SLYCE, and currently live out in Deklein. Our alliance has wonderful timezone coverage, allowing you to get response fleets at any time of the day.

We are looking for,

  • Miners (Rorquals, moongoo miners, barge pilots)
  • Ratters (Cariers, subcaps, incursions)
  • Weekend Warriors (pilots who like to PvP, but don’t like mandatory ops)

Keep in mind, our community is very combat-oriented, so bonus points for carebears with teeth. If you’re looking for a group for purely making ISK, we recommend a renter group instead.

Our community is,

  • Extremely active (88.5% of our pilots play daily)
  • Protective (our main corporation is one of the most active PVP groups in SLYCE)
  • Expansive (people playing all types of other games: Overwatch, League of Legends, PUBG)

Candidates will require,

  • Interview (culture-fit)
  • Standard API checks

Due to certain tensions, there may be limitations for pilots with odd employment histories. This will be based on current coalition politics.

All members of Krypted Lite will have the opportunity to join our main corporation, if they decide that they would like to be more PvP focused. Otherwise, there will be no pressure, so you can enjoy the game that you pay for!

Come chat in our Discord, worst case scenario, you’ll meet some new people!

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I might be the OCB (original care bear) of Eve. I’ve been been a dedicated miner and industrialist for the entire existence of Eve…I can count the number of non-incidental kills on one hand! (Apparently, if a ganker kills you and Concord takes him out with your capsule on grid, you get part of the kill. This is the bulk of my killboard!)

Three toons, 117, 114 and 94 million SP, respectively. Can build, mine, refine pretty much anything in game between the three.

Interested to hear what’s on tap with your crew.

Hey Bal, come chat with us in Discord, you’ll be able to get your questions answered.

We just did chat, actually. Unfortunately, I’m radioactive at the moment! :slight_smile:

are you guys stil recruiting?

We are!

Does your corp have Stealth Bomber fun? I like to go shoot stuff cloaky style once a week or wost once in 2 weeks.

Our alliance is known for Riotrick’s cloaky ninjas (bomber fleets).

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