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Hi fellow pilots.
I am returning to eve after a long time away. I didn’t play much when I did play ten years ago but absolutely loved the game.
But, kids life and work got in the way of my gaming life.
Well my youngest son has moved out and I now have my den-gameroom back and have built a MacDaddy gaming rig, and started a new toon and jumped back in!!!

So, I’m 50 years old, ran a large corp in Dust514, and know a little about corp workings.
I would like to find a group that will help me learn this awesome game, cool people drama and bs free.
Eventually would like to participate in war and fleet actions but want to be taught properly.

Currently going through all the npc career mission paths. I will be skilling into combat mainly with a side dish of mining-industry for relaxing with a cold gin and seltzer.

I will need a little coaching on some of the technical stuff like joining chats and such, but hey, I built this computer i’m typing on so I should be able to catch on quick lol.

Looking forward to meeting some cool people…

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Hi cyraxthehated Metesur,

we are Terra Nanotech, a (mostly EU, some US TZ) 00 corp.

If you want to join our experienced corp, hit the link below for mor Infos.

Fly save.

I sent you a mail ingame!

Evil Young Flesh [ELUSH] is a High Sec Training Corp dedicated to helping new players to the game find their direction.

We have members in all Time Zones.

I’ve sent you a mail in game.

Misfits Alliance give us peek

Hello mate , come check us out

Hey! My Corp sounds like a great fit for you!
We’re a small corp in Providence, focused around helping new & returning players. We have mining & pvp fleets daily!
Come check us out!

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