80mil SP AUTZ Pilot looking for home

Looking for a group with a strong AUTZ core.
Looking great shitposting, good space to rat / run DED sites in and of course gudfites.
Alright carrier pilot, about a month or so off being a good fax pilot, can fly anything subcap

Dont mind null or lowsec :slight_smile:

SGU is looking for new members

Hi, we are Terra Nanotech a (mostly EU, some US) 00 Corp.
Hit the link for more Infos. See you ingame if you are interestet.

Fly save

Hello mate , come have a chat with us

Hello @Scarecrow_Tivianne ! I’m with ashes Evolved in dangerous intentions. We are located in wicked Creek. Small growing alliance and corp apart of FIRE coalition. Looking to make a name for ourselves. We are mostly US and early AU TZ. Alliance comms are active 24/7 pretty much. We live in a pretty socluded area with little traffic. We are NOT a major alliance. We don’t live in a super umbrella. We actually have people to kill that you don’t have to go 30 jumps just to die in a fire. Looking for players wanting to be apart of something more. Enjoy a nice mixture of small group and coalition size PvP.

PS- If we don’t align that’s cool. I wish you the best of luck in your eve adventures!.

Join https://discord.gg/ueHV9gw for more info.

We might be a good fit for you. Come and have a chat.

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