Terra Nanotech [TN-NT] is looking for pilots and corps! [nullsec]

Hello Capsuleers!

We at Terra Nanotech are a mature, well established corp operating in sov nullsec in the area of Feythabolis 7. We’re looking for solo pilots who want to reinforce our ranks and even complete corps that are looking for new skies.

Feythabolis is a region that provides insanely great money making opportunities with some of the best true sec in the game. You can rat, mine (even in Rorquals) and the corp runs a buyback program for your PI products and loot.
PVP wise Terra Nanotech is part of Evictus and the Legacy Coalition which is one of the major power blocks in EVE. Regular fleets, roams and action are readily available!
Our battle hardened veterans are always on hand to assist you if you’re learning the game and to banter about the good ol’ days if you’re bittervet!

TN-NT has a home for everbody (except spies, lol).
Altough we started as a German speaking corp we recently began recruiting pilots from all over the globe and offer english and german speaking personnel.

What is the “essence” of Terra Nanotech.

  • we are an mature, established Corp
  • tight knit community with familiar interaction
  • RL first!
  • we‘re actively supporting each other. Always.

So these are some of the merits, we’re offering:

  • our own ‘Marginis’ Fortizar in a dead end system
  • excellent mining- and ratting opportunities
  • competent mining and industry department
  • corp intern jump freighter logistics (in addition to alliance freight services)
  • experienced fleet commander
  • SRP for PVP ships
  • extensive buyback program
  • our own great IT infrastructure (Mumble, Discord, etc.)
  • corp roams
  • training corp in Highsec near Amarr
  • lots of friendly lunatics (honestly, we’re a great team!)

What we’re expecting from you is:

  • have fun playing EVE Online with like-minded
  • be rather active
  • join CTAs and home defence fleets
  • have a working mic and be on comms

If this sounds like fun for you, don’t hesitate. Get in touch!

Join ingame channel:
TN-NT Public

or contact:

  • Vampiredeluxevwb
  • Mitriles Maximini
  • Nokman Rimusan

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Hiho, we still looking for pilots. Come and join TN-NT.

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We still looking for pilots. Join TN-NT.

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