Newly Returned Pilot LF pvp corp (0.0)

Been years since I played last. I think it was 2012 or so. Anyway I started a new toon for the fresh start and have been on the lookout for a small-med gang focused corp (im most interested in triglavian small-med ships and bomber fleets).

I have injected to have a pretty decent spread of combat skills (not much else interests me).

Im looking for either a null entity that flies medium sized fleets tops (not that big on huge slugfests) or a low class WH group that is ok with a newbie’ish guy getting in and getting situated, in other words I will ask a lot of questions.

If you are interested in me feel free to mail me in game or reply on here I will be keeping up with both. Thanks for your time,

ps: im US west coast tz

Hey man, check out our training corporation.

ingame mail sent :smiley:

Not sure what you consider medium-sized but Total Eclipse are a part of one of nullsec’s smaller spaceholding coalitions, running fleets with anywhere from 10 people to over 100, but rarely enough to get TiDi or any of the really nasty stuff. Plenty of small gang opportunities every day and you can ping a fleet any time you want if that’s something you’re interested in.

We offer plenty of opportunities in PVP/PVE/INDY and are newbro friendly as well as vet friendly whether you wanna die in a Blazing Capsule or rise in the fires of others We have something to offer all Drop on by our ingame channel Blazing Capsules Public

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