New player looking for Home

Hello everyone, I’m a few weeks into the game. I have yet to decide what I like most because I am still trying out the different avenues of play. Solo play is fine but I prefer group play most times. My ch is very old i made this acct when i was 12. I’m mature and fun-loving. I don’t do or want drama or dictators nor do I wish to be a grunt slave. I’m looking for mature people to make a long term home with and have fun. I enjoy helping others and have a super easy-going attitude. PVP looks fun but haven’t done it yet my time of play is mostly NA CST would like to join a Corp thats mostly NA.

Ive mailed you in game

Misfits Alliance give us a peek for we span the spectrum within New Eden. Plus, we exceed your stated desire.

Hiya lion Nova, check out Wormhole Surfers of EVE! We are a small WH corp living in C2 with C4/HS static. Lots of content in all directions. PVP, PVE of all shapes and sizes. Good luck in your search, watch your D Scan! :smiley: CHeers!

If you want to get into PvP and lwsec pirate life come chat with us in game use the links and channels in the ad below or mail me in game

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