New Player Looking For A Corp


I’m a few weeks into the game. I have yet to decide what I like most because I am still trying out the different avenues of play. Solo play is fine but I prefer group play most times.

My main play times are American MST from 1800ish to 2200max M-F and weekends it can be anything but mostly evening and for extended hours.

I’m mature and fun-loving. I don’t do or want drama or dictators nor do I wish to be a grunt slave. I’m looking for mature people to make a long term home with and have fun. I enjoy helping others and have a super easy-going attitude (most of the time).

Send me an in-game message if you think we could be of mutual benefit.

Thank you,

Misits Alliance has several corporations looking for pilots. We may fit the bill. I, however, cannot DM in game for I am on the road until Monday. Try our public channel Misfits Public or our boosted Discord. There should be a bugger on to BS and chew the cud.

Hey Kham we are a small tight knit group of mature pilots looking to add a couple more to our group. Mostly focused on industry and exploration our corp is founded on teamwork and collaboration. Working together to achieve mutual goals. A solid foundation of experienced players who can help you greatly to experience what the game has to offer. Come join us on our recruitment discord and get to know us…

Heya Kham!

I think what youre looking for you will find in Celestial Precision. Were a group of people who want to find the best ways to enjoy the game without the politics or orders that come with some of the more hardcore corporations. We have pilots of all skill levels and walks of Eve life, all looking to exist in a relaxed atmosphere. Our Corp is based near Rens, in Minmatar Space, in a system with some 20+ asteroid belts anf an ice belt, so its great for mining. We also have acces to missions nearby and sites for PVE, and a lowsec pocket nearby if youre looking for a fight. I think youd like it here, Were all adults who know real life comes first, and are here to enjoy the game.

Shoot me a mail in game and i will happily answer any questions you have for me man.


ICON Libertas is mature enough to remember that this is a game and to encourage our players to enjoy what they like to do. We provide PvP training if you wish, and we will help you become rich living in null sec.

We are a part of Lorde alliance, which is a part of Winter Coalition, living in Perrigan Falls.

Find me ingame at Arrowspeeed Bounty or join ICON_Public

If you’re interested in PvP, check us out.

Check us out mate

My corp Is hiring pilots who wish for a chill atmosphere, we’re a small Corp that lives in Providence. And we likebro help newbros. In our Alliance, everyone has a say.

Still looking for a mutual fit.

come have a chat with us in game relaxed corp that will help you have fun in eve and do what you like no dramas mail me in game or use the links below to come chat.

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