19m SP Hulk and cap part builder(+ Michi Implant)

I’m selling max trained hulk pilot, Which has highwall and michi mining implants. They both have all the rorq skills skill books so can be started training anytime. He also has cap production and 10 build slots.
Character is in HS with a jump clone in jita.

Looking for offers.

Psw is 4859

I also have another character with mostly the same exact skills incase your looking for two.

16 Billion B/O

Il accepted 16b, send confirmation wen isk is sent and il initiate transfer.

Havnt heard from Firefly Angle yet so bidding is still open

daily bump

11 bil for Franko

22 bil for both bros - Franko and Danielz

22b for both once I see other toon

Misread cancel

12b for Franko!

I accept this offer of 12b. Please remember to send account for which u want character transfered to.

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks, Franko!

Isk received and started character transfer. Enjoy your new character.

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