19mil sp carrier pilot ish :)


throw an offer.

current bid is 10b

I make an offer of 21B for both.

can u do 11?

I’ll offer 10.5b


i also have this one i might sell if u wonna throw an offer, wonna sell both

How much you thinking for the pilot?

wich one? and throw an offer

Will you take 10.5 for the carrier?

For the Moro’s I’ll do 11b

ill think a little on it :slight_smile:

no ty

wonna throw 11?

Lets meet in the middle, 10.75

yea lets do that, but i will first be able to start transfer tomorrow.

Okay, isk Sent. ty

Start transfer today?

its allrdy started :slight_smile:

Awesome, ty <3

np :slight_smile:

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