For Sale 12m SP Ratting Carrier Starter Pilot (Sold)

Hello! I am for sell and am in an npc corp. I will receive ISK and pay for transfer.

These are my skills

I am currently an alpha with positive wallet and all that stuff.

Also if you omega me im only 11 days from jump drive calibration 5, so phew about that… I also have like 170k worth of unaccounted skil lpoints, so that is also pretty kewl. I have two bonus remaps and my yearly one ready to go, so training what you want/need should be quick fast and easy. I also have some cheap training and scanning implants.

This is an auction:
Starting Bid: 6b
Buy Out: 10b
Ends: Friday 12:00pm Mountain Time

Any bids under current highest bid is will be considered free bumps. For questions contact Clouded Haze

4.5B best offer I can provide

Thanks for quick free bump, offer of course refused.

5.5 bil

6 bil

6.5 bil

6.5 has highest bid. If no higher bid by this time tomorrow he will win.

7.5b buy out offer

Buy out accepted as per in game convo, i can not transfer until first thing in the morning. please mail me your account info and what not.

ISK and account info sent.

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