2 accounts (duel boxer) looking for active on comms PvP 10:00 - 14:00 Eve time (AUTZ)

In the title is about the approximate time I’m online, usually daily for 3 hours or so, that’s all the spare time I get and would like to spend it best I can.

I’m also interested in any corp that offers a reward system for solo pvp’ers, if such a system exists, and then TZ doesn’t matter.

Duel boxing 2 accounts so I can remote sebo/RR for gatecamps or cloaky tackler/eyes etc + main.

27mil sp and 121mil sp toons, this guy https://zkillboard.com/character/1510566922/ and my alt.

Have been playing about 8 years but sold my old toons and had a couple years break, am back and plan on sticking around, been flying solo again but getting a bit bored. I don’t mind if your corp is small or big.

Not too bothered with what you do or how but I would really like to be part of a good corp with a good reputation, efficient and does what they do well (not too keen on WH’s actually as they are generally dead in my tz, happy to be proven wrong).
Or something up n coming that shows promise and I can grow with.
I don’t like PvE, so if you’re a corp that loses ships, SRP would be nice. I fund myself on kill loot so far and some ratting once a month or so maybe.

I can fly a good variety of ships but just no t2 battleship or capitals.
My alt can’t use covert cyno but I can train him for it. He can use falcon, kirin, astero, exequerer, manticore and related.
Main can fly t3 cruiser, sabre, broadsword, hac, t3d, t2 projectiles from small to large

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thanks but correct me if I’m wrong, you guys don’t appear to be active around my timezone at all

o/ hello we are USTZ mainly, we are also late eu since we get on early sometimes


OUTLAWS OF NEW EDEN. is a motley collection of cyno-riding 'tope addicts and blops-centric content fanatics who love to pvp. We like it solo, small-gang, full fleet, subcap, capital, and we especially love it cloaky. We’re also proud members of Circle-Of-Two
Recruitment is Open
Join JSON ZONE to chit-chat with us! or join our discord

What we offer to members:
• Small-gang, squadron and up to coalition sized fleets.
• We provide access to a wide range of content options, as well as generate our own.
• “Get Rich” ™ Space
• An environment conducive to the pursuit of gudfights
• Active EUTZ/USTZ Corp in a round-the-clock active Alliance.

What we ask of members:
• Active involvement in Corp and Alliance Ops
• Maintain a combat-focused skillplan, with special attention to Covops/Blops
• Working mic and ability to be on comms
• Enjoy yourself & blow up internet spaceships!!

• Minimum sp - Variable. Attitude and willingness to learn/grow are more important, though much of what we do may not suit the average newbros.
• Full API available for application process which you can take care of here
• TS3 interview

still looking

Recruiting self motivated players that are 18 years old or older. We have good all around members with all Time Zones represented. Come on out to nullsec with us.

What we offer:

Regular PvP Content
Capital PvP
Safe Sov Null for Ratting/Mining
FC Training
Corp & Alliance SRP incl. Capital Ships
Free Skillbook Program
Our Requirements:

Full API on file while a member of the Corp
Ability to use Discord and Mumble
Have a good attitude and be a team player
Have a dedicated PvP character
You must have fun and enjoy playing the game
Recruiting status: Open (Omega Only)

CEO - Ryac Sampaio
XO - Ellise Solette
Recruiters - Ruub Kers (EU), Ellise Solette (US)


look us up

thanks but again I don’t see any pvp activity in my timezone at all on zkill.

API is dead too btw.

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