158 Million Skillpoint Pilot Looking For Dedicated PVP Organization

I’ve been playing the game since 2013, two breaks from Eve in that timeframe but mostly active.
My life circumstances have changed, I have significantly less time than I normally do to play Eve. Instead of quitting, I’ve decided to take a step back instead, especially since I still enjoy the game immensely.

What I’m looking for in an organization:

  1. PVP environment not in High Security.
  2. EU timezone. US timezone contingent a plus.
  3. Any area of space that isn’t High Security.
  4. Non bloc group. The massive organizations aren’t for me, nor are they good for the health of the game.
  5. A group not afraid to speak their mind and will tell people how it really is, instead of sugar coating stuff so much it’ll give you diabetes.

Who I am:

  1. PVP focused player with too many alts to mention. (10+ Omega) Mostly Alpha nowadays due to changing life circumstances.
  2. Some FC experience.
  3. Capital Pilot. (Supers, Dreads, Carriers, Rorquals, Jump Freighters) I have, and have extensive experience flying these vessels.
  4. A guy that doesn’t need to be told when to overheat in a fleet.
  5. I have a reasonable wealth of Eve mechanic knowledge.
  6. I have experience in High Security, Low Security, Null Security, NPC Null Security and Wormholes.
  7. Extensive Sub Capital training (BLOPS, Marauders, perfect T3C’s, Perfect Logi’s, etc.)
  8. Extensive Multi-boxing experience. 3+ in fleet is pretty normal for me depending on the day.
  9. My alts are cross trained multiple times over, I can cover a wide range of things incredibly easily.
  10. A blunt, no nonsense type of guy.

I can recommend you a US TZ WH corp that I’m in, it’s a tightly knit friendly WH based PVP corp. I have similar level of game play as you do and I’m having quite a fun in this WH corp, much better than my days of 0.0 grind with often soul-crushing tidis while flying my Supers lol.

We have great FCs as well.

Might be worth trying! See their recruitment post.

It seems like a great group, but as per my post, my primary timezone of availability is EU. I do have time in US often, but that is few and far between my EU timezone availability.


I noticed you’ve been living in Feythabolis awhile back.We are a small tight knit group living in ex-IRC constelation nowadays, pretty chill but competent when needed, eu/uk tz focused.We are slowly manageing to reach our corporation goals and we would like to meet more competent pilots in order to do so and create a good environment for our group.If theres anything that could fitt your style in our advert, and do you wish to chat more, reach me out and we can do a voice sometime.


I still do to a degree. I attempted to setup an Alliance that lived in the entrance to IRC’s constellation, 3L and BJD. IRC was a bunch of krabs and I joined on a whim because they found a wormhole for me and my Capitals. I ended up being one of the main FC’s due to my schedule of availability (not to understate the other FC’s, they were all pretty amazing.) I FC’d the fight against Paper Numbers that resulted in us killing their Phoenix Navy Issue among quite a few other fights that didn’t go as well. Until one day I told the alliance leadership that they needed to get the alliance into fighting shape or they were going to lose their space. Then I left because I didn’t have faith in the situation. Less than two months later Bring My Drake invaded and your group and one other now occupies the constellation.

I would really like the story from your perspective if you have time. Please send me a convo request in game or a mail if you have time.

Thank you.


Hi Michael,

Based on what you’ve written, Dystopian Angels might be the place for you. We’re a close-knit PVP corp based in Null, but we aim to find content anywhere in New Eden. We are based in the EU and US TZ, but you’ll generally find folks online any time you are.

If I’ve caught your interest, feel free to join our Discord and chat with us!

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FW is great for lower level commitment to the game but all the action…actually more action than null or J-space. UCSC is a low pressure place to start and you’ll meet plenty of different corps and groups from there. The United Caldari Space Command [UCSC] is the head alliance of the Caldari Militia in Faction Warfare. We operate all throughout the Black Rise region to combat the Gallente Federation and its supporters. We are looking for corporations with like-minded goals and ambitions to take back systems for the Caldari State and bring the Federation under heel. We offer free logistics and many other benefits for member corps.
For more information, please join our Diplomatic Channel: UCSC Public or our Discord: https://discord.gg/32h7bNDUU7

Hi Michaek Karn,

I really think we might be what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Please make sure to check us out in our latest vid below

If you want to know more about us just join our discord server and say Hi!

See you in space


As easy as it would be to move from Feythabolis to Esoteria, I’m going to have to pass because as far as I know (and given the location it is hard not to be) Sigma Grindset is aligned with the Imperium, the same with Shadow Ultimatum, which if I lived that close to them, I would want to be able to shoot them, and they too are Imperium members.

You had caught my interest, but you didn’t reply anywhere or attempt to reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out, I’ve added you to my shortlist and joined your Discord.

Think we meet all your requirements.

Check us out and if your interested jump onto our discord for a chat!

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