[No Longer Needed] 147 Million Skillpoint Pilot Looking for Dedicated PVP Organization

I’ve been playing the game since 2013, two breaks from Eve in that timeframe but mostly active.
My life circumstances have changed, I have significantly less time than I normally do to play Eve. Instead of quitting, I’ve decided to take a step back instead, especially since I still enjoy the game immensely.

I’ve nearly finished liquidating my alliance, which has netted me roughly 50-100 Billion. I won’t be in need of ISK anytime soon nor do I need krabbing space. My primary focus is PVP.

What I’m looking for in an organization:

  1. PVP environment not in High Security.
  2. EU timezone. US timezone contingent a plus.
  3. Any area of space that isn’t High Security.
  4. Non bloc group. The massive organizations aren’t for me, nor are they good for the health of the game.
  5. A group not afraid to speak their mind and will tell people how it really is, instead of sugar coating stuff so much it’ll give you diabetes.

Who I am:

  1. PVP focused player with too many alts to mention. Mostly Alpha nowadays due to changing life circumstances.
  2. Limited FC experience. (Battle Report Tool) This is my most recent experience as an FC. Specifically the Capital FC here. My Subcapital FC experience needs work.
  3. Capital Pilot. (Supers, Dreads, Carriers, Rorquals, Jump Freighters) I have, and have extensive experience flying these vessels.
  4. A guy that doesn’t need to be told when to overheat in a fleet.
  5. I have a reasonable wealth of Eve mechanic knowledge. (Ranging from NPC Sotiyo’s to printing ISK with burner missions in NPC null, and so much in between.)
  6. I have experience in High Security, Low Security, Null Security, NPC Null Security and Wormholes.
  7. Extensive Sub Capital training (BLOPS, Marauders, perfect T3C’s, Perfect Logi’s, etc.)
  8. Extensive Multi-boxing experience. 3+ in fleet is pretty normal for me depending on the day.
  9. My alts are cross trained multiple times over, I can cover a wide range of things incredibly easily.
  10. A blunt, no nonsense type of guy.

I’m looking to shed the Corporation I’ve led for nearly eight years now, please understand that this isn’t a light decision for me to make and I will carefully consider my options.

You can contact me VIA the Forum post, on Discord (michaelkarn), or in game.

TSSOC is a long time corp, living in a very active are of Null, only a hop away from LS and HS.

i know you said you weren’t interested in any of the large blocs, but realty is that is the majority of nullsec these days, give us a look, after you see what we have to offer and what you can do out here you might be surprised (not talking about big alliance ops etc…)

I appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

Considering I just spent a little while fighting against Fraternity on the side of B2/B3, the leader of Fraternity is banned for RMT and it’s an organization that definitely doesn’t align with my values, I’ll have to pass.

Hi Michael,

I’ve recently started (within the past week) a new PVP focused corp within The Expanse alliance based out of Syndicate.

The corp, as previously stated, is quite new as is the alliance for that matter. We’re not part of any massive bloc. That being said we do have a small group of allies. The alliance’s primary focus is industry and right now we have two corporations within the alliance focused strictly on PVP with the initial intentions of defending our industry aspect and helping to establish ourselves in nullsec.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything, we’re small. We’re new. So this may not be something that appeals to you but I figure there’s no harm in posting. I’m looking for pvpers as well as new and returning players. I’m looking for those with a desire for a potential leadership role and assisting in building a new corp and alliance. I can’t offer much right now, I’m just looking for people who are new or coming back or are sick of being in massive blocs participating in PAPs and being told when and where to play.

If you’re interested feel free to reach out to me in game, in the public channel -SCUD or on discord SCUD Disposable Assassins

thanks for your time.

Faction warfare is where the content is.

Going to be 100% real here for recruiters here. I would be highly highly skeptical of allowing Michael Karn into your alliance or corporation. The guy has a ton of history and recently had a massive fall out causing his null group to failscade. Do not recommend. If you need logs or proof, feel free to reach out.

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This Drama Queen shouldn’t be trusted, the way he has conducted himself in No Forks Given and beyond is definitely an indicator of his behavior.

I encourage you to get in touch with the relevant parties to disprove this lying POS.

Luckily, I got receipts. Here you go guys!


I would think the eve online community doesn’t endorse racism. So please folks, just know what you are picking up.

Yes, this is my story about how I FC’d for IRC and did my best to help them and they didn’t want anything to do with me.

I fail to see how that’s negative for me?

Come check out cholo

I appreciate you taking the time to reach out. I don’t want to return to B2/B3 space. The last time I was up there, I lost thirty billion ISK courtesy of Scumlords screwing me over.

At least they live up to their name. But it showed me that it isn’t the group or coalition for me.

Yeah figured with all the drama talk a long thought out post wouldn’t be worth it

To be fair, I did very clearly state I didn’t want a Bloc which you very blatantly ignored.

Hey this is a link to my corp recruitment ad, your personal ad resonated with the way I view our corp and I think you could make a great asset to our team. If you would like to talk more join the corp discord linked in the ad and we can talk in greater detail.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Asar Kardde

Hi Michael,

Looking at your requirements I think we would fit you very well. I feel we are on a similar wavelength in terms of being no nonsense type . Ill contact you on discord.


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