Returning PVP pilot, looking for home in southeast [56m SP] [Late EUTZ]

Hi there, I’m looking to find a home in the southeast big bloc no fly zone. Been on and off EVE since 2004, current toon 56m sp and can fly dreads, marauders, t3c, etc. Pure PVP pilot. Self sufficient for isk.

Preferred TZ is late EU.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Hi there,

As it happens we are a smaller corp in a nonbloc alliance living in Detorid. As it also happens we are also primarly EUtz with alliance being thickest in the EU/US overlap.

Your pvp toon does sound interesting and like a good match but you’ll quickly find out having capital on an alt is much more convenient for most situations than 1-toon-who-flies-it-all-but-has-to-reship. If what I just said doesn’t deter you and you’d be willing to work on it with us (we can help!), be sure to check out more info on us, including discord link, in the post below :slight_smile:

o7 hope all is well after reading your post I fell you’d make a good fit for our corp ive linked some information below containing contact details and such if you are interested please message me on eve :slight_smile: if not fly dangerous o/

You Are Welcome With us

Long time corp, living in an active area of null

come say hi !

Hi thanks for the reply. I read through your corp ad and have a couple of concerns but figure we could have a chat about it since you seem willing to be flexible. I’ll pop in to your discord and say hi.

Hi thanks for the reply. Took a read through your corp ad, I will jump in your pub chat in game and we can have a chat.

Hey, Cade!

So we just might have what you’re looking for! I’ve provided a link that should give you some information about our corp and how we operate. We’re a pretty chill group of nerds, so come hang out with us!
There info on how to get ahold of us in the link.
I look forward to speaking with you!

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