(2 hours left!) 'Prometheus' Fortizar Auction Jita Contract 1mil Start Bid No B/O SOLD

Hello All.

I posted a auction contract in jita.

1mil start bid
no buy out
3 days
ends Wednesday night / Thursday morning
09:20 Eve-Time

Please bid on the contract, please do not bid here.

if you want to just purchase one straight up, please convo/mail me, I have 1 more for sale/trade. I have a separate forum post for the for sale/trade fort. this fort is currently on contracts for 33bil.

Thanks everyone for looking,



High bid is only at 10 billion isk, atm!!!

your chance to get a bid in low!

Thanks for looking

High bid is only at 24bil.

ends tonight / early morning
09:20 eve time!

<3 <3

Sorry this post is within x hours of last one, but it is the next day now.

last 2 hours on this auction in jita. cheapest faction fort in the game!!!

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