2003 177+sp Auction Female

(Koia Koia) #1

I’m looking to sell myself to the highest bidder. This is a 2003 toon with 177+ sp. Almost all subcaps to 5.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Koia_Koia Pass:1111

Reserve is in place and I will not be sold for a pittance. This is a catch.

WTB New Main Char 170-80 bil Budget
(Mr HotRoD) #2

110 B

(Darkness Yassavi) #3

155bn offer

(Koia Koia) #4

By my calculations injectors worth more then this.

(Mr HotRoD) #5

well then, how about 170b ?

(Koia Koia) #6

Getting close.

(Nadarob Skillane) #7

What about jump clones,sec status,kill rights?

(Koia Koia) #8

0 JC Positive Sec Status. 0 KR’s

(Koia Koia) #9


2003 TOON

(Koia Koia) #10

BUMP 170B Getting Close.