WTB Day 1, 2003 character - 100b budget

I don’t care about sp whatsoever and can pay up to 100b depending on the name and corp history… Maybe 200b if the name is absolutely nuts. Hit me with what you’ve got :slight_smile:


Any interest in this toon?

Not quiet Day one but close with short employment history.

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What a beautiful toon. I managed to get what I was looking for (for the time being), but how much would you be looking for it?

Would need to double check but was thinking between 50-100b but been trying to do some price checks on 03 toons etc so not entirely decided just yet.

What would you offer?

For reference (if it helps at all). I bought a 20m SP toon for around 35b. He had 3 corps on his history (like yours) and was born in October of 03. But I got it from a friend. I think you could likely get 20-30b if you find a collector maybe? But I am by no means an expert whatsoever so take it with a chunk of salt!

Ah ok, ty for the referencing the price, still been researching prices for 03 characters.

Would you offer anything for this toon?

I wouldn’t, well couldn’t now hehe, at the moment as my wallet dried up right after making this post. Buuuut, I think Itaer may of sent you a mail with what he’d offer. And he will likely offer a generous price for her.

For those in doubt, we do exist. :slight_smile:


Normally when i buy older toons like this i go for the skill point value and add about 3-5b to it.
So if i were to buy yours, i would probably pay about 7b-ish, that is just my prices, though. Others can have different depending on how much they want it.
I’d say you should start around 7b, and go up from there.

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