Price Check 72m sp tooon

(Uzei) #1

85b buyout / make a offer and may consider close to that offer

(Uzei) #2


(SarnBix) #3

ill offer 48b isk is ready right now

(Carter Leesh) #4

48.5b now

(Uzei) #5

nope way too low

(Disgruntled Cyno) #6

I find it hilarious that your starting bid is 70b. Sort yourself out please.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #7

Bid retracted.

(Uzei) #8

bump / zazzei is highest bid so far

(SarnBix) #9

ill buy this toon for 63b ready to transfer now

(Uzei) #10

bump abit more and i will probs consider

(Uzei) #11


(system) #12

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