5.0 M sp toon skill farm

+5 implants memory and intelligence.
one remap used.
located in jita


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Starting bid…? I’ll start at 1.5B

damn that low. i was expecting at least 2 bill but mabye im just asking too much

I could do 2b.

i call the offer sold at 2.2bill. i saw u post on another toon that was similar to mine.

Isk and account name has been sent via in game offer of 2b. If you have withdrawn that offer (and want this offer of 2.2b) please let me know and send back the isk – I didn’t see this forum post until now. Not sure if you sent me the in game mail before or after this reply.

actually i change my mind ill take it for 2bill. also i just took your acct name and sent the toon to your destination. leme know if there are any problems. closed