Low s.p Jump Freight pilot

(ZS-NVB) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/ZS-NVB no pw

open to offers must be decent looking for 7+ bil

(Fryd Zeal) #2

The access to this character is restricted, please enter the password to continue

check pls?

(ZS-NVB) #3

ahh sorry my bad i guess the stupid thing did stick a pw on it its 1234

(Hallabackgirll) #4

7b buy out

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #5

8b b/o

(Hallabackgirll) #6

9b b/o

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #7

10b b/o :slight_smile:

(Hallabackgirll) #8

11b buy out

(Hallabackgirll) #9

retract my offer you can have this toon retract your offer on the other

(ZS-NVB) #10

sent you a mail in game awaiting reply

(Hallabackgirll) #11

let me know if he does not reply this is a better offer than the other toon I was bidding on

(ZS-NVB) #12

he has not replied as of yet but i am looking for a fast sale if your online ?

(Hallabackgirll) #13

I bought another toon but I have isk for 8b ready right now if you want? if not its okay I just don’t have a lot of isk after buying that other one

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #14

I’m still interested at 10b. Let me know, I am currently bidding on two pilots and the person who forced the price up has been backing out of them.

(Hallabackgirll) #15

11b b/o again was able to sell some ■■■■

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #16

hahaha this person keeps jacking the price, backing out, and then coming back with money mysteriously? Yeah thanks all of my bids are withdrawn. If the seller wants to deal with someone who ACTUALLY has the ISK ready, send me an ingame mail.

(John Canathen) #17

ill go ahead and bid 10b since these 2 seem sketchy. Message me in game. Willing to match hallabackgirls offer

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #18

sketchy? I have the isk lol, I just wasn’t around 2 hrs ago to accept the pilot I guess. This hollaback person keeps jacking the price then backing out of the auctions when she wins. Then coming back mysteriously when I re-bid. My guess is it’s a price jacking scheme vOv

(John Canathen) #19

possibly. either way seller reply to me my offer stands at 11b matching hallaback

(ZS-NVB) #20

lol bo is 10 first to reply gets it