2003 player, 95m SP returning and looking for a hand hold

Once a noob always a noob.

I was useless with PVP back then as I will be now. However I’m back and have a month of Omega/paid access (otherwise couldn’t undock in an Enyo…) to see if there’s worth in continuing a sub.

Looking for a friendly corp to show me the new old ropes. Casual player, mostly stayed out of 0.0 and the politics so would prefer Empire (still a thing?) space but would consider a change of mind…

UK based, have late evenings to offer for definite but also during day on occaision.

hey we a small gang group of pvp pilots based it great wildlands so no politics to worry about there, we have strong blues as well as access to some lucrative systems to make that isk to help in the fight, we are a casual group that are willing to teach and learn, we are all uk based and active most evenings, have our own discord, if your intrested in finding out more feel free to join or corp coms ‘’ x-prot ‘’ or message me in game.

Feared General

Yo m8, well if u might be looking for somthing a bit different, and def. all the help you might need in a nice small group, have a look at the add, might be somthing for yah ;o)

Looks us up:

Hey @Smiffa

If you’re interested in the old school pirate life in lowsec come check out Filthy Peasants.

We are a EU and US TZ pvp corp that lives in the Placid area. While our main purpose is pirating and lowsec pvp we also operate as any alliance would with industry and various other isk making activities.

If you’re interested check out our forum post below and join our public channel Open Filth in game to have a chat with us.

Want to travel with us to the EvE Gate every weekend?

Hey welcome back to EVE!

Fancypants Inc is recruiting! Check out our recruitment info video —> Fancypants Inc

You sound like just what we are looking for in pilots. The majority of our Corporation is made up of recently returned to the game players. We have a safe corner of Nullsec for our ISK making and our military wing is on deployment at all times looking for sweet fights.

  • FC and other leadership positions available to those who want to step up (with ISK payment for compensation)
  • Full SRP
  • Industrial infrastructure in place
  • Deadend -1.0 null-sec pocket for ISK making
  • In house alliance tournaments and other fun activities
  • room for PVP and Indy pilots

To speak to a recruiter send an in-game mail to: Dak Nalar

Hi there Smiffa,

You sound like you could enjoy Krypted Gaming.
We are a wormhole based corp away from all the politics and BS of the null blocks.

We make a tonne of isk in whs and also do a lot of roams for pvp content and we are always looking for new people that we can show around and help train up to become awesome pilots.

We are a tight knit group with lots of uk and eu based players as well as a large presence in the us as well.

Come hop in our discord and we can have a chat.

Hope to see you around
Fly safe

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