2005-12-13 Pilot 875,473 Total Skill points Clean Name

(Caldari Citizen 757246425) #1


No Corp Histry

Can Get Name Change

875,473 Total Skill points No Unlocated points

Looking For Offers

WTS: Pottled Bemis 7 mil sp born around 7/23/2017 30 days ago - great name!
(Pottled Bemis) #2

reserved **

(Pottled Bemis) #3

I will trade you this toon here how is that for an offer? ^.^

(Nerdz Rool) #4

I offer 2.5B for your toon.

(Kys) #5

3 bil

(Nerdz Rool) #6

Are you able to convo me ingame to talk about an offer?

(Pottled Bemis) #7

4 bil

(Kys) #8

4,5 bil

(Caldari Citizen 757246425) #9

No Don’t need another pilot

(Pottled Bemis) #10

6 bil

(Nerdz Rool) #11

Lost interest.

(Biboo) #12

How to change the name?

(Nerdz Rool) #13

This character would be allowed a namechange by submitting a ticket. However, as far as my own personal experience goes: this has to be done by the current owner, and ccp doesnt really like the mechanic.

I for one, would keep the name as is, as it is far more interesting.

(Pottled Bemis) #14

Yeah, I agree 7 bil

(Pottled Bemis) #15

When does this Auction end?

(Nerdz Rool) #16

I dont understand how you are outbidding yourself. Bumping (the price) on alts is not allowed as far as I know.

(Pottled Bemis) #17

This is my main. I just sold my main and used all those sp to make this toon. My bid was 7 bil do you have a problem with that? Should I go down?

(Pottled Bemis) #18

bid retracted back to 6 bil ^.^

(Kys) #19

My 4,5 bil offer still valid

(Mortanius) #20

My bid of 6 billion Isk is valid.