Sold / Done

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #1

D.O.B 11.9.2007
low sp
No Clone
positive wallet

4 remaps

Open to offers
Caldari Citizen 1443424522

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #2


(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #3


(It's Reha) #4

3b B/O

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #5


(Roger Balek) #6

I can pay 4B for that pilot

(Roger Balek) #7

Actually, I can pay more if I can rename that character… What is the reason why CCP will accept to rename it ?

(Jem Seeker) #8

A while back CCP purged the char names of old trial accounts that never subscribed

(Roger Balek) #9

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure that CCP will accept to rename that kind of character, according to that post from Senior GM Karidor:

(Kys) #10

I’ve renamed a character as recently as a few months ago, so the GM is wrong (that post is from 2011 btw, so old news, way before trial name purge).

(Jem Seeker) #11

It’s not wrong - The GM was writing about general character renaming (which is not allowed in general)

For the Citizen #xxxx they (almost certainly) allow a rename - then again I can’t find an official source for this so maybe ask a gm first

(Roger Balek) #12

Kys, Jem Seeker, thank you for your answers.

I will ask a GM right now to be sure.

Caldari Citizen 1443424522, still on the market ?

EDIT: I wrote to the support, waiting for an answer.

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #13

still for sale

(Roger Balek) #14

I’m still waiting for an answer before making a new bid.

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #15

no worries in no rush.

(Roger Balek) #16

I’ve got an answer and yeah, this kind of accounts can be renamed.

So I can make a better proposition than 4B, I can offer you 6B instead.

(Yuki Domari) #17

Roger Balek, check ingame mail please

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #18

offer accepted send isk and account name to get things started

(Roger Balek) #19

Money and account name sent, you can proceed.

(Caldari Citizen 1443424522) #20

transfer done sorry for the delay…