Sold / Done

D.O.B 11.9.2007
low sp
No Clone
positive wallet

4 remaps

Open to offers
Caldari Citizen 1443424522



3b B/O


I can pay 4B for that pilot

Actually, I can pay more if I can rename that character… What is the reason why CCP will accept to rename it ?

A while back CCP purged the char names of old trial accounts that never subscribed

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not sure that CCP will accept to rename that kind of character, according to that post from Senior GM Karidor:

I’ve renamed a character as recently as a few months ago, so the GM is wrong (that post is from 2011 btw, so old news, way before trial name purge).

It’s not wrong - The GM was writing about general character renaming (which is not allowed in general)

For the Citizen #xxxx they (almost certainly) allow a rename - then again I can’t find an official source for this so maybe ask a gm first

Kys, Jem Seeker, thank you for your answers.

I will ask a GM right now to be sure.

Caldari Citizen 1443424522, still on the market ?

EDIT: I wrote to the support, waiting for an answer.

still for sale

I’m still waiting for an answer before making a new bid.

no worries in no rush.

I’ve got an answer and yeah, this kind of accounts can be renamed.

So I can make a better proposition than 4B, I can offer you 6B instead.

Roger Balek, check ingame mail please

offer accepted send isk and account name to get things started

Money and account name sent, you can proceed.

transfer done sorry for the delay…