2007 [VLNTE] Business Corp Recruiting Veterans

[VLNTE] Volante Enterprise is recruiting management types who are 30 years or older. Our primary purpose is to build a dependable group of members who can take care of business without supervision. At the same time, we’re older and not interested in the games children play :wink:

What We Offer

  1. Caldari Faction Standing
  2. Missions (L5 when appropriate)
  3. Logistic supports
  4. Business supports
  5. Industrial supports

Presently in US West, but accepting all time zones

Veterans before 2015
Self-sufficient in all things
Promise less, deliver more

*New players are definitely welcome and appropriate for high-sec activities. We will be your host until you decide what corporation fits your better.

What we do:
Usually spent our time logged off
A small % of our time is in Jita
A large part of our time is talking about business

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