Returning Player LF Null Corp | US EDT

Found a corp, thank you.

Hi, Strikezone –

Welcome back to EVE! It’s a perfect time to knock the rust off.

You are saying all of the right things.

The fact that you realize Sov space has to be vigorously defended with violence, and indeed being a part of it is a necessity in any NullSec Corp or Alliance puts you above 90% of the other people who play this game and do Industry.

We are in Etherium Reach. You can return to your old stomping grounds in triumph.

Take a look at us, and if there’s interest, reach out to me.

– Corvar Estidal

Hey there!
We may be able to provide what you’re looking for!
Here is our thread, reach out to us in game or over discord would love to have you!

GriMM has reached out to you in game - looking forward talking to you soon!

Hello, good afternoon! Welcome back to the game first of all and allow me to introduce you to Dragons of Yggdrasil, we are a small-size nullsec corporation focused on all fun aspects of EVE such as moon mining with rich r64s and 32s moons, good systems for ratting and a experienced leadership for small roams, filaments yeeting and blops fleets. If such thing interests you, feel free to send me a eve-mail!

Hello and welcome back! I recently returned myself. Our corporation and alliance run tight security for mining ops with Orca and Rorqu support in Low, Null, and high sec. We have standing fleets for small gang roams, mining (gas, moon, ore), and large roam and defense fleets. I will message you in-game with specifics of the corporation.

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