Looking for ns alliance to join either with my own corp or with my toons looking for industry but fully open for pvp content

Renting space is also an option

Hey there, Dog. I’m the founder of TXC, part of the SLYCE Alliance.

We are currently recruiting, looking for solid industrialists as well as combat pilots.

Take a few moments, look at our listing here and – if interested – reach out to me.

Here’s our Forum listing:


Check us out. Alliance looking for corporations and pilots!

We are very much indy and pve oriented and fully open to take arms and fight if necessary.

Hey dog.
We are part of a good null alliance. Relaxed atmosphere and excellent leadership. We are always looking for genuine people to get involved with the corp and help us open the game up for all members.
Check us out.

Join L2p, cause pvp, rats, and stuff…

If you are bored, we are not bored, you can flex your caps, or you know a rorq or whatever you flex with we dont care.

Also we have that one angry german guy…

Join us in lorde sir, we can get you dank isk, oh and production, like real production not that fake ripp off ■■■■ from Tijuana.

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