205m SP PVP Toon - Born Jan 2009

I’m for sale. Currently 204,994,497 SPs

  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • No killrights
  • Positive wallet
  • -1.06 sec status

Can fly pretty much everything sub cap perfectly. Also, many cap skills.

415 ship skins on account

Many Pods

  • +5 Learning Set
  • High Grade Crystals
  • Mid Grade Halos
  • Mid Grade Amulets
  • Mid Grade Nirvana
  • Genos
  • High Grade Talismans
  • High Grade Asklepeins
  • Mid Grade Snakes

All with hardwirings

Starting bids over 150B

just offer 100b

Offer 110b

I bid 160B please sell it to me directly

I’m happy enough with that. Transfer the ISK to me along with the account name and I’ll process the transfer

account name
and ISK sent

transfer done

When your history becomes a meme Vargur | Jaiden Solo | Killmail | zKillboard

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