Selling 200m sp + Combat focused Pilot

Serius offers plz.

Location Hek 0.5 in Minmater space
Security status 5.0
No kill rights.

Possitive vallet

Got 4-5 clones with varius implants . got a High grade crystal clone aswell as a Mining Foreman Clone with faction implant. and +5 learning
and 2 more with +5 and 2 high risk clones with less implants.

no user @link.

should be public now

Please add Security Status , Character Location and Killrights :wink:

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info added

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155bil. isk in hand.

Bid accepted send info for transfer and money in game

isk sent.

Need to be sure to avoid mistakes the : is not part of account name ?. there is no space i know stupid question, but need to be sure, not even sure u can make a : in u account name ?

will start transfer as soon as u answer

Sorry about that. : is not part of the account name.


Transfer done should be availible in 10 hours cheers mate