WTS 16.7 Mil SP Vargur marauder pilot

Positive wallet.

No kill rights.

Character located in Jita.

Clone with mid-grade crystal

B/O 15 Billion isk

Messaged you in-game.

Hi, i messaged to ask how long it would take to train into a Carrier, but i think the chat went off.

If you could let me know, i would be interested.

The pilot has a lot of unnecessary skills that Vargur does not need, skills for guns that should be in 5 have not been learned.

You will have to learn a lot on your own.

I’m ready to give 7 bil

thanks for such a generous offer, but I have to refuse… Lol

I will offer you 8.5B B/O

no… it’s still not enough

Theres 18M SP accounts going for 8B which are more specialised, i’d suggest checking the market out for a good guide price of your account.

I don’t look at the market… I say a price that suits me

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accepted… send me money and account information and I will start the transfer

isk and account name sent

money received… translation of persanage started… thank you

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