Hi, need 15-35 mil SP golem/ Vargur pilot
—Caldari/Minmatar BS 5
—Marauder ≥ 4
—gunnery or missile and support skills 4/5
—good Engineering and fitting skills

Willing to pay 10-25 bil for a pilot, depending on skill set
I will consider your options.

Thx for the time .
PM me in game : a-piao
Discord 瓜皮喵家的阿飘#4042






offer me a price

I’ve messaged you in-game

Are you still selling, or have you finished the transaction?

15b i offer
maybe we can chat in game


30b WTS - Dread Pilot/Shield Defense ( 38M SP ) - #5 by Cynogenz_Tobooran

Flys a mean Vargur

Kokrax Wmnplzrs Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App price?

Would you take 7.5b Kokrax

thx every one i all ready get polite what i want ,it will be close

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