240mil sp UStz noob looking for a lowsec home


Pilot coming back from around 6 years away looking for a new US tz home that is willing to teach me the ins and outs of this game (from the absolute basics, to scanning and the like as I was never much for anything but shootin things I was told to shoot) as its a completely different monster now. Prefer lowsec pirating as from what ive been told structure bashing in 0.0 is even worse then old pos bashing… Multiple unsubbed alts.


hello nostradamous

We are Strongly US/AU corp with a bit of EU which we are trying to expand, We are a low sec corp (pirate) that lives and operates in Placid/Syndicate(npc null) region

Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
Ratting Space
Fleet pvp
roaming fleet

We also have established our own SeaT website
A fully functional Discord (automatic roles assigned by SeaT)

I hope that you consider us because most our players are mature and 30+yrs old as well
we are laid back and relax and we do our own thing
please do reach back to me and would gladly have a chat with you in comms

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

If you change your mind about null sec we have lots of things for you to get involved with and not much structure bashing

From black ops to Special interest groups which activity go out and shoot people all over the map

Come f the at with us if you are interested

Hi there Nostradamous

welcome back.

If you havent decided yet where to go please feel free to consider us as an option

We are an indepednent pvp group operating from venal(null npc) and our game is just to have fun and stay away from all the drama and bullsh*t people tend to bring into eve.

With us you wont have to deal with sov warfare mechanics and being part of the big blue donut mentality and much more.

we roam and camp as primary activities and now and then we got some bigger fleets that we can participate if possible.

If we you want to know more about us feel free to read our recruitment post and join our discord (in the recruitment post)

Mortis Angelus - Independent small/midsize pvp corp operating from venal (Null npc) - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums


Hi Nostradamus

I think we would be the perfect fit for you, Eagles Wing Industries :eagle: CVA do everything that you are looking for and we have mostly a British and EU timezone player base.

CVA - (PVP/Null/Low) Eagle Wing Industries (Build your bling with Eagle Wing) - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Drop me a message in game ( Ernak Barca) or on on discord ( Ernak Barca#3386 )

Or jump in our discord -

I would like to arrange call with you if possible?


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