24M SP Rorqual/Research/Cap Manufacturer Pilot

(Torch Bearer) #1

PW: 8888

Wallet : Positive
Kill rights : None
Jump clone : in 0.0
Character is 1 jump from Jita in highsec

Buy Out : 24B

(Elea Arbuthnot) #2

24b Buyout, i am online right now

(Torch Bearer) #4

accepted. please transfer isk and send your account name to proceed.


(Elea Arbuthnot) #5

Isk and account info sent

(Elea Arbuthnot) #6

can you let me know if there transfer is initiated?
Its been 24hours since you got the isk.

Thanks and kind regards

(Torch Bearer) #8

CCPLS help…

(Elea Arbuthnot) #9

@Torch_Bearer i received the character, thanks :slight_smile:

(system) #10

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