WTS 22M SP Rorqual/Research/Cap Manufacturer Pilot

PW: 8888

Wallet : Positive
Kill rights : None
Jump clone : in 0.0
Character is 1 jump from Jita in highsec

Buyout : 22B

13 bil

Will buyout for 22B.

If accepted within the next hour I will send isk and details immediately, else I won’t be able to be on for about 22 more hours.

accepted. please send isk and account info.

Isk and account info sent.

Sooo isk and account info were sent 20 hours ago and no response whatsoever, what’s up?

CCPLS help…

Ticket prOcess has been quite slow lately. I’d expect a 2-4day wait

This is getting pretty ridiculous, its been over 5 days since isk was sent. Come on, CCP…do they have any ticket guys left?

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