25M SP Perfect Tengu Toon No Wasted Skills


25M SP Perfect Tengu Toon no wasted skills ( Caldari Defensive Systems V in 2 Days )

Great Standing for mission runners as well

In NPC corp (skillboard not updated that)
SP: 25,305,835
1 Yearly Remap
3 Bonus Remap

Security Status 4.18

Located in Jita 4-4

Positive wallet
No kill rights

B/O 19b

( will use plex transfer 2-3 days for to complete )

Will BO. Isk and account info will be sent asap

Accept Isk and info to me


Isk and info recived, starting transfer

Transfer character Vuukko Maikkoonen to account ******

1000 plex stored in vault for payment

Hello, I am GM Kaora.

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Player Experience Team.

The target account has presently too many characters. Please let me know when this has been addressed and I will move on with the transfer you requested.

Delete one char pls

If the original buyer doesnt get back to you I will take the character, I have an account with room available now.

Slot is open now. Deleted a character yesterday

Perfect talked to gm and he will start transfer

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